America's #1 Futurist George Gilder Issues Bold New Prediction

Most people consider George Gilder to be a legend.

His is arguably the most successful technology futurist to ever walk the planet.

In 1986, as an advisor to Ronald Reagan, George tipped off The President that the computing industry was about to change the world. 

He did it by handing Mr. Reagan one of the first microchips ever created.

George was so close to the cutting edge that most people thought he was crazy.  After all, the only computers in existence were so big they needed entire warehouses to operate.

But George saw the potential…and thanks to his incredible foresight, President Reagan made technology a pillar of his second term in office.

George continued to build his resume when he released his book Life After Television in 1990.

Inside the landmark text he accurately predicted the rise of smartphone technology – 14 years before Steve Jobs took the stage to introduce the first iPhone. 

This marked the beginning of George’s incredible run during the tech explosion of the 90’s.

He quickly became a household name among investors…and one of the most revered minds on all of Wall Street.

It earned him nicknames like “The Technology Prophet”, “King George” and “The Greatest Stock Picker in The World” 

Then again in 2000, George demonstrated his unmatched forward-thinking when he released his second landmark book “Telecosm.”

This time, George was talking about a mysterious new technology where people could watch videos over the internet.  He predicted this ‘online streaming’ would soon become bigger than Television.

Once again, nobody believed George.  Blockbuster was at the peak of its dominance, Netflix was a tiny DVD mailing service, and YouTube would not be founded for another 5 years!

But as we know today George’s prediction was dead on.

It’s been a constant for George throughout his career…

He sees the big picture in a way that nobody does…and he’s almost always right.

Which is why right now is such a critical time.

You see, for the first time in 2 decades, George is sounding the alarm.

A new technology is on the verge of breaking through into the mainstream.  And just like computers, smartphones, and online streaming…George expects it to change everything.

But this time, he believes the implications are so big that nobody will be unaffected.

"This will change everything” he says.

To get the word out, George created a special presentation.

Inside, he breaks down all the details of his prediction, and explains what American’s can do to prepare.

This presentation is hosted on a secure web page, and it's completely free to watch. 

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